World in a Box Digital Platform


Our engaging, timesaving resource for teachers to deliver world dance and music activities, improving knowledge and skills across a range of subjects.

World in a Box is a ready-to-go teaching resource making any teacher into a cultural dance expert in minutes. It’s perfect for Key Stages 1 & 2 but adaptable for all ages.

The digital platform is complete with everything you need to hit the dance floor running; follow along videos, music, lesson plans and more.

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18 x Lesson Plans


Complete set of videos

Warm Ups

Dance Routines

Active Minutes Tracker

PDF Builder

Sessions are easily integrated into the classroom and other areas of the curriculum, they open dialogue around different cultures around us, make lessons enjoyable and teachers can learn together with the children.

World in a Box helps improve learning outcomes through; increased confidence, tackling obesity, mental health and giving children an understanding of UK diverse communities and cultures for around the world through language, geography and cultural knowledge. Lessons have clear links to SMSC learning objectives, as well other areas of the core curriculum.

By using World in a Box you can unlock the creative potential of teachers and children, providing exciting and enriching learning experiences. There is no limit to creativity and each group or individual can use the resource to make something new. Resources are designed to fulfil a full years teaching.


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