World in a Box 2 (coming soon)

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Featuring new units focussing in depth on Brazilian, Chinese and African culture. The second edition of our engaging, timesaving resource for teachers to deliver world dance and music activities, improving knowledge and skills across a range of subjects. By using World in a Box you can unlock the creative potential of teachers and children, providing exciting and enriching learning experiences. There is no limit to creativity and each group or individual can use the resource to make something new.

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World in a Box 2:

Units: 4. Rio Moves, 5. Kuai Le in China, 6. African Festivals

Printed Lesson plans x 18

30 x wooden shakers,

30 x sari scarves,

Globe Ball, Hand Pump,


Stickers x260

Password to online resource zone with access to Units 1, 2 & 3.


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