Pen Drive Unit 3 Naach India

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Dance around India with your class exploring the culture, artforms and festivals of this most colourful country! Our engaging, time-saving resource for teachers to deliver world dance and music activities, improving knowledge and skills across a range of subjects. By using World in a Box you can unlock the creative potential of teachers and children, providing exciting and enriching learning experiences. There is no limit to creativity and each group or individual can use the resource to make something new. Resources are designed to fullfill a full years teaching. Keep lessons moving and active with engaging creative tasks, warms ups and games. Broken down to bite-size tasks for you to build your own unique lesson plans with our handy template.


Pen Drive contains:

PDF of Lesson Plans for Unit 3: 6 lesson plans

– Colourful India
– Festival of Colour
– Feast of Foods
– Diwali and Divaas
– Indian Stories
– Dyes

2 warm ups (The Weather & The Globe),

2 follow alongs (Waka Waka & Gym Shim)

2 games (Limbo & Volta ao Mundo)

with music & videos


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