Enhanced children’s knowledge and challenged their ideas of dance and movement. One boy in my class becomes very distressed at anything to do with dance (even discos). However, he happily joined in because the welcoming attitude and fun activities enabled him to put aside his inhibitions. Thank you.

J Hudson - Reception Teacher

This is a fun, engaging and inspiring resource to make learning more exciting for children and it’s more active than Music Express.

Laura McConkey - Primary School Teacher

WIAB is a lot more structured than other resources making it easier to work through cross-curricular links.

Emma Carter - Primary School Teacher

Being active, learning moves and how to teach them is a real highlight!

Elaine Tickle - Primary School Teacher

I would recommend WIAB to schools for any curriculum involving carnival themes. It’s fabulous that there are 30 of everything! This will help our school with our cross-curricular elements. It’d recommend it to other schools for help with SEN, visual & kinaesthetic learners.

Rachel Heaney - Primary School Teacher

WIAB has all the resources you need in one box. It’s fun and creative!

Debbie Woods - Primary School Teacher

We have been delighted with the World in a Box Resource. It has lined really well into our Project Based Learning approach which emphasises the importance of the creative and performing arts. The resource provides clear support and guidance to teachers and is easy to use in the classroom.

Greg Parker - Head Teacher, LIPA Primary

Having seen the World in a Box resource in action, I can confirm what a great inspirational resource it truly is…enables teachers to be creative and practical with their pupils…it also addresses essential areas of the curriculum such as British Values; English and mathematics across the curriculum; PE…and, of course, it is great fun!

Colin Wong - Senior Professional Tutor in Education