Movema Co-Director Ithalia Forel tell us about why she is so passionate about bringing the benefits of world dance to children and where she gets her inspiration.

“I love carnival, the music and moves are so infectious. You cannot keep still. Teaching carnival dance is a great way to celebrate all cultures and countries- with simple moves that you can and the children make up. These moves connect people together and can be processed around the playground or anywhere with a place for a conga line. 

Ithalia delivering a World in A box session to children on the Wirral, UK

I remember my first carnival experience when I was 6 years old as part of Liverpool’s Caribbean Carnival. I danced on the St. Lucian float with my dad, who was born in Micoud, St.Lucia, for hours. The music pumped through my body and I loved being part of celebrating liverpool’s Caribbean community. 

Using the scarves and shakers from “Movema’s World in a Box” allows all abilities to engage with this activity. With the bright colours, soft material and patterned shakers great for kinesthectic learners and a great activity for SEN children. Carnival!!!!! Let’s dance! “