by Penny Caffrey, Movema Co-Director

Here are some ideas to help you maximise the benefits of your World in a Box for your Key Stage 1 class!

Introducing themes into registration time.
If looking at the Amazon river lesson plan, start the lesson sitting in a circle and introduce the idea of water, what it looks like, feels like and the quality of the movement.
Ask the children to stand up when their name is called and perform a dance move in the middle of the circle, inspired by river and water drawing ideas from the introduction.

Sharing knowledge and experience

When introducing a game such as ‘Volto ao Mundo’. Open a short discussion about who has visited another county or who has lived/ or has family from another part of the world. Perhaps ask about the climate, language or food from those places. When we come to play the game you could choose those countries to find on the globe ball.

Use images for each movement

World In A Box links names with each separate movement in the lesson plans as this helps us to remember the action with a gesture.  It’s useful to use these names and explain why the movement has this title, creating an associated image. Perhaps some movements could have a new name decided by the class, or the children can put a name to their own movement.  It is then possible to easily choreograph a new sequence using the same steps but in a different order as everyone shares the same vocabulary.

Allowing creative expression at the end of a taught sequence.
Once you have taken time for teaching and learning the three set movements in your lesson plan and it’s time to try the moves to music, repeated the sequence a few times.  Once the group have shown a generally good understanding of these moves, allow the music to play on and ask the children to continue with their own movements following the theme.  It is often quite amazing to see the ideas and creativity shown by young children.

Changing speed

An excellent way to learn about the quality and dynamics of a dance sequence is to change the speed. This can be done effectively by using different music either using World In A Box resources or by trying other pieces of music sourced on Spotify/ Itunes etc.

Choose Star Dancers at the end of the session.

Each week notice who is trying and listening well, who is making improvements in dance skills, working well with others or showing creativity.  Reward these Star Dancers with a sticker or house points.
You could also commence the next session reminding the group who the Star Dancers were in the previous class and perhaps give them an extra responsibility or ask them to help you with a demonstration.

We hope you have fun with these top tips! Do let us know how you get on on our social media accounts @worldinaboxmovema or email